Exxon Mobil Stock Cost Drop After Earnings Ought to Be Thought about a Victory

Earnings in the second quarter were down by over half to $6.86 billion, translating to $1.55 in earnings share. They had been looking for estimates of $1.90 in earnings per share. They did not care a lot about the year-over-year comparison because last year contained a sizable strange one-time item after a $7.5 billion gain. It is the degree to which Exxon Mobil missed on expectations.
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They saw that Exxon was down as much as over 2%, and that was about $9 billion or so in market cap being lost. Still, go take any tech giant missing earnings by this wide of a margin and having what appears to be the largest earnings miss in years and ask how much the stock would be down. You might be braced for a drop of 5%, 10%, or even more. They do not measure the oil giants sales because so plenty of Wall Street analysts even refuse to make revenue predictions because revenues (not earnings) are often tied to energy prices, but revenue was down close to 16% from a year ago at $106.47.
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Perhaps the cushion is that Exxon Mobiles dividend is two.7% and they know that it was of the companies that has raised its dividend for over 25 years and will keep doing raising its dividends. Perhaps the actual cushion is that the companions own share repurchases to reduce shares outstanding were $4 billion.

With 40 minutes until the closing bell, Exxon Mobil stock is only down one.5% at $92.35 against a 52-week range of $84.70 to $95.49. Exxon’s market cap is still over $410 billion according to Yahoo! Finance. Having a loss this tiny in the cost of the stock is impressive that they might be inclined to think about it a victory.Stochastic Oscillator


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